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The Four Shades Concept:

The Four Shades Concept is a project designed beginning with the four colors of our Beton-tech collection: White, Grey, Clay and Mud. We worked on these fours shades and created a unique, fresh and unusual concept, where the porcelain tiles meet glass
mosaics and listels, where a re-interpretation of graphic decoration meets the latest ceramic technologies. The Four Shades Concept: a sophisticated and polyhedric project.

Stock Sizes:

Beton Woods

Beton Brick

Beton Epoque


All sizes listed are in inches.
All sizes listed are approximate, see technical specifications for exact sizing.

Beton Epoque Decoratives
Clay-Mud     White-Grey
Terratina Epoque Mud-Clay Emma Deco    
Epoque Emma  

Terratina Epoque Mud-Clay Ines Deco

     Terratina Epoque White-Grey Ines Deco
Epoque Ines
Terratina Epoque Clay-Mud Louise Deco    

Terratina Epoque White-Grey Louise Deco

Epoque Louise
 Terratina Epoque Clay-Mud Amelia Deco     Terratina EpoqueWhite-Grey Amelia Deco
Epoque Amelia

Beton Woods

Terratinta Beton Woods White Porcelain Tile

Beton Wood White

Terratinta Beton Woods Grey Porcelain Tile

Beton Wood Grey

Terratinta Beton Woods Clay Porcelain Tile

Beton Wood Clay

Terratinta Beton Woods Mud Porcelain Tile

Beton Wood Mud






Beton Bricks

Terratinta Beton Brick White-Grey Porcelain Tile

Beton Brick White-Grey


Terratinta Beton Brick Clay-Mud Porcelain Tile

Beton Brick Clay-Mud


















































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