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A collection dedicated to Stone.

Conceived with the characteristics of
sedimentary stone deposited over time by nature, Evoking a  sense of natural creativity with a timeworn appearance.
The patina gives the Dust surfaces a
stable and artistic feel in terms of their reproduction and conception,
which provides the setting a warm and clean feel.

Stock Sizes:

Special Order Sizes:

Natural - Stock
Lappato - Stock
Strutturato - Special Order

All sizes listed are in inches.
All sizes listed are approximate, see technical specifications for exact sizing.

Provenza Dust Sand Porcelain Tile

Dust Sand

Provenza Dust Grey Porcelain Tile

Dust Grey

Provenza Dust Mud Porcelain Tile

Dust Mud

Provenza Dust Rust Porcelain Tile

Dust Rust

Provenza Dust Black Porcelain Tile

Dust Black

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